Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

According to Bernard Seal, when people work as a counselor, they will have stress. That is because they have to defend people in front of judges. They could have a hard situation, and of course they will if they have a complicated document. Even on weekends, they do not get to relax. When they succeed in their cases, they will extremely relaxed. Every counselor has pressure in their job. Also, they do not have too much sleep when when they get back to their houses. So, there are many stressful jobs in their life. People found away to deal with their situations such as training to get rid of their stress. Some studies found that a person may challenge stress, but people with commitment can control it. Many people are likely to stay away from these situations. People can fight their stress when they have a dead member of their families. In general, people should learn how to deal with heir stress in their lives.

Well, people should not control their stress or make them selves tired, because that will take a lot of energy. So, I disagree with the author for many reasons. Also, there are three ways that people should handle stress which are getting some help from a professional doctor, taking some medicines, and drinking energy drinks that doctors recommend.

First, going to a professional doctor is good for a stressful person to get healthy. For example, if people can not control themselves with their stress, or they do not have anyone to help, they should go to a doctor. And that will take a short time to get healthy. Also, when foreigners go to another country, they will get stress because it is new culture for them. So, people should think before they do anything with themselves.

Second, taking some medicines is healthier than doing exercise. For instance, people should really take medicines, because it is quick and very effective. Another example is, some people died just by doing exercise. So, why are people still doing exercise when they ought to take medicines? Medicines are very quick to get rid of stress.

Finally, drinking energy drinks is healthy and very tasty. For example, some doctors recommend that people should drink energy drinks when they feel the stress of academic exams. Also, they ought to drink them if they feel weak in their lives. And these drinks make some people happy, because it helps to put themselves together. Energy drinks are more safer and cheaper than taking medicines and seeing doctors.

In conclusion, if people want to get over their stress, they ought to follow these ideas because they are easy to follow and safer. These ideas help people cope with their stress very well and these ideas are healthier for people who want to overcome their stress.

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(pp. 15 - 16). New York: Cambridge University Press.

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