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Smoking Survey Report



Smoking Survey Report


I think people had problems with smoking because it causes many diseases. Many people had cancer, so they died and that was because of smoking. Smoking is important for some people for their health. People begin to smoke because they have exams, because family members smoke, and because of too much stress. If a person starts smoking, this person will never quit unless this person went to programs for training. Smoking causes huge problems to our environment (Seal, 1998). It also affects the education for students. Some programs can really help smokers stop, and smokers often stop once a while. For so many reasons many diseases can affect us indirectly very quickly and a lot of second hand smokers die earlier than smokers (first hand smoking). People think that smoking is relaxing for them, but it is really dangerous for their health. And (Seal, 1998). So, the reasons of this survey is really to make people know that they are wrong about why should they smoke.


The purpose for doing the survey is because we wanted to find out why people smoke. Also, we wanted to know if people want to quit smoking or what are the reasons that people should quit. And because of our survey we want to help other people understand why other people smoke.


My guess was that males smoke more than females because males like to smoke because of stress about academic exams. So, the way I see the problem here is to give people some nicotine gums or patch, cold turkey or training program to make them quit as soon as possible.


We put eight questions on a survey so we could ask many people, and it wasn’t only for smokers, it was for both smokers and non-smokers. These questions were about where these people smoke, whether they are addicted, how they started and what the best ways to quit are. So, we wanted to know how smokers and non-smokers think about themselves.


We asked about 43 people. Some of them were in the Student Center and outside the Student Center. And we waited for these people to fill out the papers. These questions were made for everybody, not only for CESL students; it was for all people, males and females. So I went to the Student Center because it was the only place for me, which is full of students. So, we did pretty well in these surveys and we asked many people. We were trying to find many people and we did.



According to the chart 78.9% of males smoke; 21.1% of females smoke. Also, these smokers smoke alone and with people with percentage 12.5%, so they smoke with both equally with percentage 75%. So, where do these people smoke? Well, some of them smoke only in public with the percentage 8.3%, and some of them smoke in private with percentage 25%, but the rest smoke in both places with percentage 66.7%. Some people are forced to smoke with percentage 37.5%. Many smokers smoke because of stress and because of their friends also smoke with percentage 42.9%. All people suggest that programs of training with percentage 39.5% are great way to quit smoking. So, these surveys show that people care about themselves even if they smoke.


My hypothesis was right, because males smoke more than females. And I think that is because males can handle smoking. Also, I learned that people smoke always with each other in public and in private. If I did this survey again I would make many changes to these questions so I could learn more about smokers.


Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. pp. 31- 33. New York:

Cambridge University Press.

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  1. this was a good experiment, but i didn't really find what i wanted to know..oh wells