Thursday, July 9, 2009


According to Dan Childs in his article "Did Michael Jackson's Stress Contribute to Cardiac Arrest?," Michael Jackson died because of stress. People believe that he had a heart attack because of drugs or alcohol. Michael Jackson died when he was 50 years old; he was not too old and not too young. Michael Jackson scheduled 50 concerts before he died, according to the author. Many people have died of stress, so that causes huge problems for the world. The author mentions that the ambulance was fast enough that took Michael Jackson to the medical center, but most people die in this situation. there was many of a lot of heart disease that people had problems with. Every year about a quarter million to a half million Americans have the same problem. So, people should be careful of their stress.

Childs, D. (2009, June 25). Did Michael Jackson's Stress Contribute to Cardiac Arrest? ABC News Medical Unit. Retrieved on July 6, 2009, from

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